“Pro Clubs is the most fun you can have in FIFA, especially when there’s a lot of your friends involved. Pro Clubs needs a massive revamp” said youtuber Matt Craig with over two million subscribers in an interview with Dexerto.
It is clear EA sports have put more effort into their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode than their Pro Clubs mode. By adding a multitude of new features and improvements to FUT 21, the FUT community seems to be pleased as EA have listened and implemented changes people want to see. Unfortunately, Pro Clubs did not received the same love as the previous year’s version of the game mode left much to be desired.
Using UX Artifacts like experience maps, flows, wireframes, Prototypes, and more, this project demonstrates the potential Pro Clubs can generate. Although FUT racks up the most money each year, Pro Clubs can produce the most profit and become the most popular mode by adding new content, improvements, and regulated in-game purchases.

New Content


(Concept) Objectives: Fofana

After conducting research ranging from psychological studies to game critic reviews to in-game interviews, I realized that Pro Clubs lacks in establishing a consistent psychological state of flow. Flow is a mental state, during which a person is fully immersed in an activity and is composed of nine dimensions. These dimensions include balance between the skills of an individual and the activity’s demands; merging of action and awareness; clear goals; immediate and unambiguous feedback; concentration on the task; perceived control over the activity; loss of self-reflection; distorted perception of time; and intrinsic motivation toward an activity (autotelic) (Csikszentmihalyi, 19751990).
Because Pro Clubs rellies heavily on social interaction, not having your friends available harms immersion. Faithful club members are then forced play Drop-Ins, which allow all players to drop into random matches with each other. The problem with Drop-Ins is that you might get matched with selfish teammates making the gameplay experience unpleasant therefore preventing flow.
After conducting research ranging from psychological studies to game critic reviews to in-game interviews, I realized that Pro Clubs lacks in establishing a psychological state of flow.
In the previous versions of the game, the Accomplishment system were mini-objectives players had to complete in-game in order to level up their Pro. However this system promoted selfishness as players would focus on leveling up their player rather than the teams success. One way to avoid this problem is by replacing individual based objectives for team based objectives, which earns Pros special items and FIFA coins.
When creating the prototype, my goal was to give Pro Clubs a similar user interface and experience to FUT. Therefore, I aimed to translate many concepts from FUT to Pro Clubs. I don’t think its necessary to re-invent the wheel if the gameplay mechanics of FUT works very well. However, not everything translates smoothly and ther would need to be modifications. modifications I made
Cosmetics items would be one type of reward for completing Accomplishments. These items include physical appearance, match-day, crowd, sideline, and structure items. For example, winning seven games consecutively with your club rewards each member rare Home Kits, celebrations, stadium themes, and goal pyrotechnic items.
Similar to FUT, the addition of Transfers allow Pro Club managers to use their FIFA Coins to bid on Pros, consumables, and stadium items.

In-Game Purchases

If players want to see improvements in Pro Clubs, the community needs to accept in-game purchases. It’s unlikely for EA to improve Pro Clubs unless there is a monetary incentive.
Micro Transactions
The introduction of Micro-transactions for FIFA Coins done the right way can benefit both the players and developer. However, a potential problem with microtransactions would be creating a ‘pay to win’ system which would allow users to buy in-game permanent enhancements giving them an unfair advantage over other players. Another potential problem are unrestricted loot boxes which is linked to problem gambling in adolescents.

In order to create fair gameplay, EA would have to apply regulations by matching teams by division and team rating ensuring their is no absolute 

The problem with the XP system is that players seek accomplishments in the form cosmetic and other unique items. As it stands, in drop-ins there are still a lot of selfish players.
Allow Pros and pro club managers to earn FIFA coins similar to FUT that they can spend on cosmetics and consumables.
  • Cosmetics: boots, kits, hairstyles, tattoos?, stadiums, animations, celebrations, soccer balls, crowds, sounds.
  • Consumables: contracts, healing, chemistry style, position change, training